Merit for High Schools
  Hundreds of colleges use Merit to tell meaningful stories about their students. Your high school's free Merit account lets you see and share these stories to help you discover what your alumni are achieving.  
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High School Overview
Your High School Merit Page
A free Merit website for your high school aggregates stories about your former students published by their colleges. Customize this page with your high school's colors and logo and link it to your own website or social media accounts to share alumni success.
Your Alumni's Merit Pages
A Merit page is a personalized website for each of your alumni who attend a college that uses Merit. The college creates these pages for students, and when they update a student's Merit page, those updates are delivered to your high school.
Your Free Merit Account
Sign in to your high school's free Merit account to view updates from colleges about what your former students are achieving. See a directory of colleges in the Merit network and the stories of your former students who are attending them.
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Alumni Updates

When colleges update the Merit pages of any of your former students, you'll be notified via email so that you can read about their experiences and share them with your community.
We're thrilled to receive Merit updates about our alumni. Having the ability to follow and promote the accomplishments of our students is invaluable. It further demonstrates our school's role in the accomplishments of our current students and alumni.
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Glenn Haven
Window Rock High School, AZ
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Your Merit Dashboard

When you sign in to your high school's free Merit account, the dashboard shows you the most recent updates that colleges have published to your alumni's Merit pages. It also lets you see which Merit colleges your alumni attend and share their success stories to your social media accounts.
Any number of staff at your school can be given access to your high school's Merit account so that they can stay updated about your former students.
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The Merit Network

See which Merit colleges your former students are attending, as well as the other organizations in the Merit network recognizing your alumni for success, like national honor societies or service organizations.
Merit lets you view a profile of each college and shows you which of your alumni attend. You can view stories about those alumni to discover what their campus experience is like.
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Alumni Merit Pages

The personalized Merit pages of your alumni tell the stories of their student experience. Each Merit page is created by their college and updated by the institution with verified accomplishments.
Show your high school's role in building the foundation for your alumni's success by displaying your logo on the Merit pages of any of your former students.
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Your Merit Page

Every high school already has a free Merit page — a website that aggregates and showcases stories that colleges publish about your alumni.
You can customize your high school's page with your school logo, colors, and photos, and link to it on your website and social media accounts so that everyone can see the success of your former students.
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It's free for high schools to see and share alumni updates with Merit. Request access to your school's existing Merit account: