What does it mean to be a
Student-Athlete?|Liberal Arts Major?|Global Citizen?|Scholar?|The First?
A Merit page built for you by your college showcases your unique, meaningful college experience to the people who care about you ‐ and who can help you discover what's next.

With Merit, everyone knows what it means.

As a student, your college experience is unique and meaningful. If you attend a college that uses Merit, you don't need to worry about distilling that experience onto a one-page resume — your college does it for you by creating and updating a personalized Merit page that showcases your accomplishments and connects your story to the people who care about you.


Your Merit page is a résumé that builds itself — your college creates your page and then updates it with your involvement in key academic and co-curricular programs, showcasing your unique experience in a positive online presence.

Awards & Honors

When your college updates your Merit page with verified honors and awards, those updates are shared with your friends, family and your community — the people who can help broker connections when they know about your success.

Activities & Affiliations

Not only can your college update your Merit page with activities, but so can other organizations you're involved with, like honor societies. You can even add your own activities to your Merit page to demonstrate your campus involvement.

Work Experience

Add your internships, co-ops, or jobs to your Merit page to convey your real-world experience alongside the academic achievements posted to your page by your college. Your entire story comes into focus on your Merit page.

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How do I get a Merit page?

Because verified updates to Merit pages can only come from colleges, high schools, employers and organizations that have joined the Merit network, you'll only get a Merit page if you're associated with an organization that's member of the network.

When your Merit page is created for you by one of these organizations, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to sign into your page and customize it.

How does my Merit page get updated?

When you accomplish something notable, your college will update your page with details about your involvement.

Merit also connects these updates to people you care about you — your high school, your community, and your family and friends.

You can sync your page with popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so that updates to your page will reach your contacts in those networks, too.

How does my Merit page make my story more meaningful?

Your Merit page tells your personal story of success in college, and ensures that people find the "good stuff" about you when they search online — which more than 75 percent of hiring managers do!

Merit brings together the organizations that can help tell your story of success and the people who care about you and want to hear about it. Everyone can know what it means for your to learn, grown and succeed.

Your story is more meaningful with a Merit page. There are already millions of students in the Merit network. See what they have to say.

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