What if your resume wrote itself?


A Profile Built for You

You know the advice: write a resume, build a professional online profile, be careful what employers might find about you online. But shouldn’t good work speak for itself? And what should you include on one of those professional profile sites, anyway? Even when you’re smart and motivated, organizing and describing the value of your experience can be daunting.

The good news is that if you’re already at one of the hundreds of colleges and universities in the Merit network today, you don’t have to: your institution is building a verified, public record of your accomplishments and achievements on your own Merit page.

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Lindsey St. Louis
Colby-Sawyer College

The Network Effect

Every time you accomplish something notable--whether it’s making the Dean’s List, studying abroad, making the team or taking on a leadership position--colleges and universities using Merit will update your Merit page for you.

And not just colleges: if you’re invited to join an honor society, receive a scholarship, join a sorority or fraternity, or do volunteer work, all of those organizations can verify and describe your valuable contributions on your Merit page, too.

For the Merit network, those updates become a powerful way for organizations to demonstrate their value to each other in the best way possible--through your own accomplishments. Meanwhile, you get first-class proof of your experience while staying focused on doing good work. Everybody wins.


How do I get a Merit page?

Because Merit updates can only come from colleges, high schools, employers and organizations in the Merit network, you’ll only get a Merit page if you’re associated with a member.

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