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Minami Gonzalez

Majoring in Anthropology, Minoring in Asian Studies, Asian Languages, Japanese
Montclair State University, Class of 2023
From Lodi, NJ
An aspiring cultural and linguistic anthropologist and East Asian academic educator & culturalist interested in the education of Asian and Pacific Islands' culture, history, and language; and procuring the traditional arts of South, East, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.
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Minami Gonzalez Named to Montclair State University's Fall 2019 Dean's List

Minami Gonzalez of Lodi, NJ was named to Montclair State University's Fall 2019 Dean's List. Gonzalez is majoring in Anthropology. Gonzalez was among more than 5,000 students named to the Fall 201...

May, 11 2020 - Verified by Montclair State University
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for studying abroad
2020 Taiwan Studies' Summer School Program hosted by the University of London's School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) via BlackBoard Collaborate, a one-week term with seminars from guest professors, researchers, M.A & Doctoral candidates, authors, and film directors.
Summer 2020 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for earning a scholarship
Honorable Mention for the Anthropology Department's Bednarek Essay Scholarship.
Spring 2020 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for earning a scholarship
Winner of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature's annual essay competition for the Japanese language essay.
Spring 2020 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for earning a spot on the Dean's List
Fall 2019 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for graduating
Spring 2018 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for earning a scholarship
Certificate of Achievement, recognized by the Asian Heritage Committee of Bergen Community College for winning the third place prize of their annual Asian Heritage Month Essay Scholarship.
Spring 2016 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for graduating
Summer 2014 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for earning a scholarship
Was one of the chosen winners for the Foods and Nutrition Essay Scholarship, presented by Ms. Carol Earle
Spring 2014 - Added by Minami
Minami Gonzalez was recognized for earning a spot on an honors list
Fall 2010 - Summer 2014 - Added by Minami
Japanese Language Circle
Was a general member during the Fall 2010 semester, became a J-Circle Leader during the Spring 2020 semester - duties included assisting the advisors in helping set up decor, food & beverages, activity tables, and presentation equipment and music. Also assisted in running activity tables, such as Japanese Reading, Japanese Conversation, Japanese Kanji, and Japanese Calligraphy.
Fall 2019 - Fall 2023 - Montclair State University
Added by Minami
Global Civic Engagement Club
Co-founded and was the Vice President of the Global Civic Engagement Club during the Spring 2018 semester, became faculty co-advisor for the Fall 2018 semester. Volunteer, community service, and sociopolitical advocacy-based club.
Spring 2018 - Fall 2018 - Bergen Community College
Added by Minami
Alpha Mu Gamma
Inducted as a member of the Alpha Mu Gamma Honors' Society for Foreign Languages.
Spring 2018 - Bergen Community College
Added by Minami
Korean Student Association
Was a general member from 2014~2015, Spring 2015 was elected as executive secretary for Fall 2015-Spring 2016, reran for position successfully for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school terms.
Fall 2014 - Winter 2017 - Bergen Community College
Added by Minami
Tutor and Office Assistant at Bergen Community College

As a tutor for BCC's Tutoring Center, my responsibilities are to assist students who reserve appointment with me for 50-minute sessions with any issues they are having regarding homework or leftover classwork in order to better understand the material. I tutor in Japanese, Basic Mathematics, Alegbra for Liberal Arts, and Contemporary Mathematics.
I have also worked as an office assistant for the Tutoring Center's Office Services; responsibilities included scanning and filing student agreement contracts, processing new tutor applicants, reserving and cancelling tutoring appointments, marking tutors late or out, and managing our textbook library.

October 2017 - Present
Freelance Tutor at Freelance

Freelance tutoring for elementary school children in 4th and 5th grade, tutored in reading and mathematics for 30 minute~2 hour sessions.

October 2015 - November 2015
There Is A Difference: Views of the Traditional Fashions of East Asia
A research article written on the topic of traditional cultural clothing of the Sinosphere (Chinese-influenced) world; and a compare-and-contrast of commonly misattributed motifs and designs of clothing from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam of which untrained Westerners typically mistake for one another.
December 2022 - Research Projects
The Ryukyu People - Those Who Seem to Live Forever
A presentation done regarding ethnographic research pertaining to the Ryukyu/Okinawan people and their culture of diet and exercise for an Ancient Health (Special Topics in Anthropology related to Physical Anthropology) course.
May 2022 - Presentations
A presentation originally created for an invitation to guest speak on the indigenous Shinto religion of Japan.
November 2019 - Presentations
Koltyk, Julian, and Ngo: Hmong Life Away From Home
A comparative and comprehensive literature review conducted using previously established peer-reviewed research articles on the topic of Hmong culture and Hmong diasporic culture.
November 2019 - Articles
Hanguk-saram (한국사람): How Honorific Language Use in Korean Develops a Korean Identity
A linguistic anthropological research project, originally carried out for an intro-level Linguistic Anthropology (ANTH 102) course at Montclair State University, it is now intended to be a part of a more fleshed-out research looking into the intricacies of the Korean identity shaped through their linguistic usage of honorific speech, indigenous Korean words not borrowed from Chinese, their individualized style of traditional wear that diverged from that of Ming Dynasty China, and their nationalistic use of the Korean-created alphabet known as Hangul.
November 2019 - Research Projects
Curriculum Vitae
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