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Annaliese Hoehling, PhD, MFA

Assistant Professor of English & Director of Academic Writing Program, Division of Creative Arts & Humanities at Elmira College
From Elmira, NY
My doctoral research focused on global modernism, narrative form, and feminist aesthetics. Drawing on postcolonial studies and twentieth century representations of conflict, I define a Baroque Modernism at work in experimental narratives during the interwar period in Anglophone Atlantic novels by women. More recently, my interests have turned to representations of crime in narrative forms, including fiction, nonfiction, and visual media, especially as these narratives reflect and shape our understandings of identity and cultural capital. At Elmira College, I teach first-year writing and literature, with topics of my courses ranging from Aliens Among Us? to Education, Metamorphosis and 20th Century British Women Writers. I am particularly concerned with writing studies and composition pedagogy related to first-year writing curricula and the first-year college experience. My goal is to facilitate critical thinking and reflective writing that helps students become intellectual and community leaders at EC and beyond.
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Seeing History in the Baroque Ruins of Elizabeth Bowen’s The Last September: An Indictment of Cosmopolitan Modernity, The Journal of Modern Literature
Elizabeth Bowen’s 1929 novel, The Last September, can be read as a ruin. More specifically, the discourse of the novel performs Anglo-Irish “hospitality” as an aesthetic of failed intimacy, an aesthetic bound up with the colonial history of Anglo-Ireland and which, after the Treaty of 1921, can only be encountered as a ruin. Considering Walter Benjamin’s theory of ruins as instantiation of baroque allegory, as well as Bowen’s own comments on her novel’s backward-looking perspective, the text configures the failures of the Anglo-Irish colonial relationship as persisting in both the ruins that remain on the Irish landscape and in the cosmopolitan discourse of “unintimacy.” In other words, Bowen’s text exposes the links between cosmopolitan modernism and Anglo-Irish hospitality rather than a break and calls attention to the failure of the form (hospitality) to mitigate an ethical dilemma of inequality and suspended hostility. The dilemma, that is, of a cosmopolitan modernity.
November 2020 - Articles
Minoritarian “Marvelous Real”: Enfolding revolution in Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of This World, The Journal of Postcolonial Writing
Alejo Carpentier’s 1949 novel The Kingdom of This World appropriates aesthetic principles of the Baroque and surrealism to re-narrativize the Haitian Revolution from the perspectives of minor figures, thus challenging the reader to recognize not only the limits of epistemological perspective to organize reality, but the capacity to escape those limits. For Carpentier, lo real maravilloso both reveals and moves beyond European narrative structures. This article suggests that The Kingdom of This World demonstrates the minoritarian potential of lo real maravilloso when the narrative facilitates a recognition of the disjunctive quality of Enlightenment- and modernity-coded reality, which is the first step towards producing alternative realities and narratives.
January 2018 - Articles
Welcome Wednesdays: What Intriguing Stories Tell Us About Ourselves And Our Culture

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Elmira College Creates Center for Academic & Professional Excellence (CAPE)

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