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Brad Ketelhut

Majoring in Physician Assistant - Associates In Science Biology
Owensboro Community and Technical College
From Millington, MI
Currently employed with the Daviess County Ambulance Service as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B). I have been in the Pre-hospital Care setting now for almost 3 years. I am a single father to 4 boys. Their names are Alexander, Isaac, Ian, and Trystan. They live with me and are always edger to help me with my studies. I am currently working on my Masters for Physician Assistant. After experience's i gained from working with a ambulance service I knew my place would be in the health care industry. I absolute love my job and the people i work with. To me it very rewarding, humbling, and at the end of the day. Feel like I have made a difference in someones life. I hope to continue to make differences in peoples lives for many years to come. I am honored to be apart of making a difference, does not matter if it is big or small.
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February, 12 2019 - Verified by Owensboro Community and Technical College
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August, 30 2018 - Verified by Owensboro Community and Technical College
Brad Ketelhut was recognized for graduating
Successful Completion of the EMT-B Course. Completed all requirements and passed the NREMT-B Exam.
Fall 2015 - Added by Brad
EMT-B at Yellow Ambulance of Owensboro Daviess County

Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic (EMT-B) respond to emergency calls to provide efficient and

immediate care to the critically ill and injured, and to transport the patient to a medical facility.

- Functions in uncommon situations;

- Has a basic understanding of stress response and methods to ensure personal well-being;

- Has an understanding of body substance isolation;

- Understands basic medical-legal principles;

- Functions within the scope of care as defined by state, regional and local regulatory agencies;

- Complies with regulations on the handling of the deceased, notifies authorities and arranges for

protection of property and evidence at the scene;

- Controlling hemorrhage;

- Treatment of shock (hypoperfusion);

- Bandaging wounds;

- Immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed extremities;

- Immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed neck or spine;

- Assist in emergency childbirth;

- Manage general medical complaints of altered mental status, respiratory, cardiac, diabetic,

allergic reaction, seizures, poisoning behavioral emergencies, environmental emergencies, and

psychological crises;

- Additional care is provided based upon assessment of the patient and

obtaining historical information;

- Searching for medical identification emblems as a guide to appropriate emergency medical care;

- Assisting patients with prescribed medications, including sublingual nitroglycerin, epinephrine auto injectors

and hand-held aerosol inhalers;

- Administration of oxygen, oral glucose and activated charcoal;

- Reassuring patients and bystanders by working in a confident, efficient manner;

- Avoiding mishandling and undue haste while working expeditiously to accomplish the task;

- Continuing emergency medical care while enroute to the medical facility;

- Constantly assesses the patient enroute to the emergency facility, administers additional care as

indicated or directed by medical control;

- Assists in lifting and carrying the patient out of the ambulance and into the receiving medical


- Reports verbally and in writing, their observation and emergency medical care of the patient at the

emergency scene and in transit, to the receiving medical facility staff for purposes of records and


- Upon request provides assistance to the receiving medical facility staff;

March 2016 - Present

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