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Megan Menard Ms

Student at University of New Hampshire majoring in BusAdm:Management
I love working on a team. From work in a resturant to playing on a championship rec league softball team, I love working with other people and coming together to accomplish a common goal. To me, it makes the victories sweeter, and the defeats bearable. I aspire to become a great world traveler one day, and hope to make the right decisions to fulfill this, and work for a great company that I can use my skills to not only help improve, but also allow me to pursue my passion of discovering new places and cultures beyond my own.
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Megan Menard of Goffstown named to the University of New Hampshire's Dean's List for the Fall 2018 Semester

Megan Menard of Goffstown has been named to the Dean's List at the University of New Hampshire for earning High Honors for the fall 2018 semester. Menard is majoring in BusAdm:Management. Students...

January, 28 2019 - Verified by University of New Hampshire
Megan Menard Ms was recognized for earning a spot on an honors list
I made Honors for my academic achievements during my Junior year, with three A's and one B+, for the classes of Behavior in Organizations, Intro into Finance, Intro into Art History, and Marketing
Fall 2018 - Added by Megan
Megan Menard Ms was recognized for graduating
I had successfully graduated Goffstown High School, earning 32 credits which was 6 more than the Graduation requirement, and placed in #94 in terms of academic ranking with others in my graduating class.
Spring 2016 - Added by Megan
Megan Menard Ms was recognized for enrolling
I was enrolled into the University of New Hampshire's Business College, called Peter.T.Paul School of Business and Economics, or PAUL for short.
Winter 2015-2016 - Added by Megan
Megan Menard Ms was recognized for earning a spot on an honors list
I was awarded with academic excellence for all A's and B's in my classes, topping 8 till Senior year, for 2 years in a row, and nearly straight A's in my final semester of Junior year.
Fall 2014 - Spring 2016 - Added by Megan
Goffstown Theatre Group
For my Junior Year of High School, I was part of the Pit Orchestra for our yearly musical production, hosted by the GHS Performing Arts group. I attended rehearsals from December to the end of the Musicals performances, Shrek the Musical, in Late February, starting with 3 hours after school, to 7 hours, ending at sometimes 10-11pm at night, every school night. I sat second violinist, 2nd chair, and even helped prepare dinner for fellow cast members when rehearsals ran late.
Winter 2014-2015 - Goffstown Area High School
Culinary Club
I was part of the Culinary Club at GHS, where we would meet weekly to cooking in the Schools Student Kitchen and experiment with difficult recipes that weren't usually tasked to students during the school day. We made a range of dishes from homemade mac and cheese and sugar pane sugar cookies, to Chicken and Rice.
Fall 2014 - Spring 2016 - Goffstown Area High School
Goffstown High School Orchestra
I was apart of the Orchestra of Goffstown High for the 4 years I was enrolled as a student, making my way to sitting 5th chair in 1st violin by the time I graduated. We performed for All-State every year and performed in 5 concerts throughout the year.
Fall 2012 - Spring 2016 - Goffstown Area High School
Goffstown High School Chorus
I was a member of the GHS Chorus Group for the 4 years I was enrolled, bouncing between Soprano and Alto as our instructor, Josh Derochers, liked to have his students well rounded and understand how the different voice parts worked. We also attended All-State, every year and performed in 5 concerts throughout the school year.
Fall 2012 - Spring 2016 - Goffstown Area High School
I was a Softball player for the Goffstown Babe Ruth League from 2004 to 2015, starting at 6 years old. I became a well known and well respected player, from the coaches I learned from, to the girls I played with. During my last year in 2015 before I would age out of the league, I was promoted to Assistant Coash Manager by my Coaches. An honorary title inside our team, but I was responsible to help the others improve their batting, make sure all the calls were documented during games, and to warm the girls up for practices and games. I was also a role model to them, as someone to look up to, and received 3 game balls during the course of that year, and won my third Championship in a row for the league. I was 16 when I aged out, and I miss it everyday.
Goffstown Area High School
Socratic Society
I am a member of the Democratic Discussion group call Socratic Society, since starting out in the Fall of 2016. Every week, we vote on topics to discuss as a way of opening our minds to different perspectives, beliefs, and opinions of others around us, so we may become more understanding of those around us who think and believe differently than we do. We have covered topics from drug use, college degrees/education, and animals rights to the 2016 presidential election, the Boarder Wall for Mexico, and Gender.
Hall Council
I have been apart of various Hall Councils since enrollment at UNH. In 2016-2017, I was in Christensen Hall Council and then the Mini's Hall Council. In 2017-2018, I was apart of the Jessie Doe Hall Council, and currently since Fall of 2018, I am apart of Fairchild Hall council. During our meetings we discuss problems and issues in the halls, events coming up for the hall to participate in, and our involvement in the UNH community, with meetings every week.
Cook at UNH Dining Services

Responsible for the following:

Presenting food in a clean, safe, and timely matter

Keeping area assigned clean and clear of potential hazards

Expected to maintain and pleasant and helpful demeanor when interacting with customers and fellow employees

Be able to work a multitude of shifts and stations from Dish room to Pizza

January 2019 - Present
Consulor at Camp Counselor at YMCA

Provide a Safe and sound enviroment for children, ages 3-13
Be a role model and mentor to all children
Participate in activities when needed, including swim, sports, climbing and arts&crafts
Be able to perform basic First aid and CPR when needed
Delegate and settle arguments
Look after kids while on field trips to beaches, lakes and parks
Work with different co-workers every week without issue
Work in unfavorable conditions such as heat, sun, rain, and humidity
Keep chidlren safe and esscort them to safe spaces when there was an emergency

March 2018 - Present
Camp Counselor at YMCA Allard Center
In charge of the well being of children from ages 4-13 Expected to perform basic First Aid when needed Engaged children in different activites such as sports, arts and crafts, and swimming Expected to become a mentor and a role model Manage and settle arguements, disagreements, and any conflicts within the groups Apart of various side camps including Archery, Theatre, Cooking, and Art Expected to help clean up camp and report any unsafe findings Expected to maintain a pleasent and cheerful disposition no matter what
March 2018 - Present
Cook at Stillings Dining Hall
January 2018 - Present


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